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bosch worcester 28si manual

If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the website. However, you can read our Cookie Policy here. Accept and Continue. The appliance may be installed in any room but refer to the requirements of the current IEE Regulations and, in Scotland, the relevant electrical provisions of the Building Regulations with respect to the installation of appliances in rooms containing baths or showers. The make-up connection must be close to the The system must comply with requirements of BS6798 and appliance in the heating return pipe through an approved non- BS5449 and must not be operated without being full of water return valve. Refer to Table 6. General: Cut the ducts as necessary, ensuring that the ducts are Fig.20. Standard flue assembly square and free from burrs. Always check the dimensions before cutting. Measure the distance L. Refer to Fig. 22 and 23. The standard flue can be telescopically adjusted to any length Terminal assembly. A rubber gasket kit is available from Worcester Heat Systems. NOTE: A larger diameter opening in the wall is required. Refer to Rubber sealing Table 2. Always test for gas soundness after the service has been If the appliance is to be left inoperative in frosty conditions then completed. Lift out the control board. Refer to Fig 55. Section 14, Inspection and Servicing. 15.4.16 Overheat Thermostat Unscrew the four screws and remove the metal cover. Refer to Fig Remove the cabinet and the inner casing. Refer to Fig 45. Heat Exchanger Disconnect and transfer the electrical connections to the new Central heating flow Central heating return pump. Worcester Heat Systems cannot be held responsible for costs incurred by persons not deemed to be competent. The electronic control system for this boiler incorporates four lights on the facia. These are used to show normal operating status. But as a secondary function, by flashing, they can also be used to help provide fault diagnostics.

Suggestions: Cable damage, connections to (or faults within) pump, fan, external 230V controls, transformer or board. Check room across terminal ST8 appear to run thermostat or mains pins LR and N? normally in central programmer (or link).Boiler is running in “Autofrost stat” mode. See Section 17. Is the boiler fully Rectify fault.Repair or replace. Can a flame be boiler. Check the DHW sensor. Is it correctly Re-fix sensor onto pipe fitted onto the pipe with heat conductive paste between the pipe and sensor. Remove multiway connector from board position ST16. Is (where green wires are Replace control board. Telephone: (01905) 754624. Fax: (01905) 754619.Fax: (01905) 754619. Technical Helpline (0990) 266241. When installed the minimum clearance between the terminal and any adjoining vertical walls or obstructions must be at least 500mm. However, joints must be sealed and fixed as described. Align the centre of the flue spigot with the ceiling and mark the centre position. This is dimension 'E ' Refer to Fig. Drill two holes at the appliance.From outside, pass the terminal assembly through the roof flashing. Telephone: (01905) 754624. Fax: (01905) 754619.Failure to install the appliance correctly could lead to prosecution. The manufacturers notes must not be taken, in any way, as overriding statutory obligations. The domestic hot water is permanently available upon demand and will take priority over the supply of heat to the system during the demand. Pressing the SET button repeatedly progresses you through the settings.Pressing the YES button in response to TEST.Pressing and holding down the YES button starts the clock fast running until it reaches the first switching time when the output changes and the display halts to show the time of switching and the output state. The Domestic Hot Water Temperature is controlled by the right hand knob on the facia.

TO LIGHT AND STOP THE APPLIANCE Refer to the User operating instruction leaflet or the lighting instruction plate on the appliance. Telephone: (01905) 754624. Fax: (01905) 754619. Just click on the model or the Gas council number and the manual will download at the bottom of the page. After you have downloaded the manual double click on the download for the manual to open, if you want to save the download right click. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. We have inherited the above mentioned boiler. Before moving in we were made aware that the previous owner had recently had a plumber come in to do some maintenance of this boiler. The boiler was staying constantly around 1psi when cold and rising upto near 2.5psi when the heating system was on. There has and continues to be a constant hissing, shhhhing noise (similar to the sound od a toilet cistern when it is refilling) that comes from the directly under the boiler so much so you can hear it in the bathroom upstairs which is located directly above where the boiler is located so that is issue number 1. Issue number 2 I decided to do some house keeping due to winter coming in so i decided to bleed the rads in the house especially the one in the bathroom. The bathroom radiator let an awful lot of air of it before any water came to the top as it is a vertical rad. I have since learnt due a post made by jsaipe where Devils Advocate replied that this radiator was probably being used as an EV. The reason i say this is due to the fact that as soon as i bleed this rad they pressure in the boiler went down to zero and when i went to top the boiler up to 2psi within 10 minutes the pressure was back down to zero. It took me some time to figure out what was going on and in the process i had the heating system on trying to figure out what the hell had happened.

So the pressure was rising to over 3psi and the system then started dumping the water out of the boiler via the PRV which the outlet pipe is located on my external kitchen wall. Again after reading through this post. I then followed the instructions to turn the bathroom rad back into a temporary EV which worked as when i topped the system up it was staying fuller for a lot longer than prior. All of the above happened last night. I kept monitoring the pressure in the boiler and sadly it has still been dropping. I went outside and dried off the PRV escape pipe waited 30 minutes and went and rechecked and it was wet again on the inside. I then re-topped the pressure back up on the boiler to 1psi and went to bed. The heating system came on this morning and when i checked it at 7am it was running at 2psi. At 9am the pressure gauge was still showing as zero. I know we have some major issues with this boiler and please forgive the long post but i wanted to give s much detail as is possible as i need to at least make the boiler stable enough to hold 1psi until we decide what to do. So any ideas on what this noise can be.And can anyone direct me to how i can check the pressure in the EV as well as showing me how to change a PRV if needed Thank you in advance for your replies DavidPressure fluctuations like that are very common, and the solution usually does revolve around sorting out - or replacing - the expansion vessel. Cold pressure should be around 1 bar, and not much higher. When fully running, this shouldn't really rise much more than 0.2 to 0.3 bar, perhaps a wee bit more as long as things seem to be fine. A well balanced system shouldn't see hardly any pressure rise at all. Right, the shhhhhing sound - is that all the time of chust when the boiler is running. If all the time, it sounds as tho' water is running where it shouldn't be.

I suspect, tho', it's only when the boiler is on, in which case it's probably air in the system - lots of tiny air bubbles - that for some reason the boiler isn't venting out (most modern boilers have built-in air bleed valve which automatically vent off any air flying around. Have a look at the instructions for your boiler (even on line) and see if it has. If it hasn't, then good chance there's a manual one fitted somewhere in your circuit. Oh, a wee point - once your PRV has been opened, the chances are it won;t shut fully again even when the pressure has dropped well below the 3 bar trigger point, so fair chance that will need replacing now. Ok, one step at a time. Checking and refilling the exp vess. You will need (a) to know where it is, and how to get to its fill valve, (b) an air pump (a bike pump should do) and (c) a pressure gauge. Take the cover off yer boiler - after having turned it all offski at the isolating switch. Locate the air fill valve (usually like a car tyre Shraeder valve), unscrew the safety cap and press in the thingy for a second. Out of interest, take a pressure reading and see what it says. Ok, to recharge it, you must first get the system (water) side down to zero pressure. Normally I'd say to avoid the PRV for the reason mentioned above, but since yours sounds as tho' it's now 'letting by', there's no harm - and it might even reseat itself properly for you. So, open it fully to release water from your system until no more comes out. Anyhoo, drain off until nothing else comes out. Once it's depressurised, then stick yer pump on and pump. Get it up to 1bar - no more. If your 'system' gauge also rises, then open the PRV again to return it to zero. You essentially want the air side at 1 bar whilst the system side is at zero. Refit the safety cap and then top up the system side also to 1 bar. Switch on and see what happens.

(Keep an eye on that discharge pipe - if it keeps on dripping, then you'll need to replace the PRV - not a big job, but best for a pro to do. Oops, forgot - refill that (and every) rad first so they're all full of water, no air. If this happens to have sorted things, then you'll need to introduce some 'inhibitor' to protect your system. This can be done via a rad bleed valve, but it's always a good idea to fit a Magnaclean filter too (on your system 'return') and you can do it via that.I will run through your instructions over the next few days when i get some time and gather the right equipment for the jobs in hand. Today the i managed to equal the pressure out at 1bar without the boiler dropping below that after watching it for over an hour. I then put the heating system on and within 5 minutes the pressure had risen to 2.3 bar I monitored the heating system and it did not rise over this point but once it was switched off within 20 minutes the pressure gauge had dropped back down to zero. Is it dangerous to have the system at zero bar and the heating system still on its timer to come on and off in the morning and evening. Thanks again for you advice and i will keep you posted DavidOk, it then suggest that the HOT system pressure can RISE to over 2.5 bar without concern (2.65bar max, I think) and if it goes above this when hot then you'll need an extra exp vessel fitted. So, provided your system doesn't go stupidly high when hot, it seems it's ok. (So basically ignore have the stuff I said in my earlier post.) That booklet also shows where the exp vessel charge valve is. And beside it is the auto air vent (you might want to try a surf to see how to check the operation of these while you're at it.) It also shows where the PRV is, and how to manually operate it (anticlockwise, it seems).

What I would suggest now - as well as carrying out the vessel checks etc - is to then loosely wrap a plastic bag around the discharge pipe outside so you can monitor any water being expelled. If you system is losing pressure after it's been running for a while, fair chance it's the PRV letting by, and you can check this via that bag. If are are still losing pressure but it ain't coming out that pipe, then you will have have a leak elsewhere, on your rad system or possibly internally (assuming the exp vessel is ok). Ok, it then suggest that the HOT system pressure can RISE to over 2.5 bar without concern (2.65bar max, I think) and if it goes above this when hot then you'll need an extra exp vessel fitted. If are are still losing pressure but it ain't coming out that pipe, then you will have have a leak elsewhere, on your rad system or possibly internally (assuming the exp vessel is ok). Click to expand. Again over these next 2 days I will get the equipment needed to check the boiler and keep you informed. David ps have a nice Sunday. We have included both the installation and service manuals as well as the user manuals for each appliance and we have taken great care to ensure each one is correctly listed, however if you notice any errors or need a manual that isnt listed please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help. View all our boiler manuals from other manufacturers. Send us an email and a member of our team will have a look for you! Please refer to our privacy policy for more info. We will source it from our suppliers and aim to get it to you within 3 - 5 working days. Additionally, Worcester Bosch’s flagship Greenstar boiler range has won CORGI’s Boiler of the Year and been awarded Which. Best Buy nine years in a row. The boiler brand’s range includes combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers with energy efficiency always taking a key role in product development.

Combi boilers provide central heating and hot water without the need for a separate tank to store water and so can be tucked away in cupboards, under stairs or in kitchen cabinets. Combi boilers are especially useful if space is limited, and the Worcester Bosch combi boiler range ensures high energy efficiency and a 5 year guarantee. Prices range from ?767 to ?2033 with varying sizes and specifications. Regular heat only boilers are best suited for larger homes with an existing heat only boiler and are beneficial as more than one tap can be used at a time with no reduction in flow rate.Regular boiler options include: The main drawback to this type of system is that once the water stored in the tank has run out, you have to wait for it to reheat. Worcester Bosch system boilers are energy efficient (like all Worcester Bosch boilers) and come with a 5 year guarantee. Prices range from ?824 to ?1062 with varying sizes and specifications. Even though they use oil instead of gas to heat water, oil boilers are still highly efficient. However, all oil-fired boilers need to be connected to a special outdoor tank that stores the oil, and the oil itself has to be delivered to your home by road. Like Worcester Bosch gas boilers, the brand’s oil boilers have secured Which. Best Buy status and come in different types including combi, system and regular boilers to suit most requirements. Prices vary from ?1,300 to ?2,750, and each oil boiler in the range is backed by a 2-year warranty as standard. Below, we’ve listed the full range of Worcester Bosch oil-fired combi, system and regular boilers and what size of property they best suit: The Worcester Bosch range of Greenstar boilers offer these benefits and many more, which explains why the brand has won Which. Best Buy nine years in a row and CORGI’s Domestic Heating Product of the Year three years running.

The Worcester Greenstar range includes gas, oil-fired and LPG boilers, all of which are A-rated and offer excellent efficiency in providing both heating and hot water throughout the home. For the eco-conscious home, a lower carbon footprint will also be a welcome feature. Choose from an extensive range of combi boilers that deliver heating and hot water directly from the boiler or regular and system boilers that provide heat to your central heating system and hot water to your water cylinder. Best Buy Nine Years in a Row This is mostly thanks to the excellent feedback from thousands of boiler users and over 100 trusted heating engineers across the UK. But that’s not all. Worcester Bosch also bagged 5-star ratings for reliability and build quality, proving that the brand has what it takes to produce boilers that customers can 100% rely on year after year. No boiler is immune from problems, which is why it’s so important that you have your Worcester Bosch boiler serviced every year. If you’re experiencing an issue with your Worcester Bosch boiler, you can find out more about Common Worcester Bosch Boiler Problems and Repairs in our expert guide. Our guide should help you to identify common boiler faults, as well as help you to determine what you need to do next to get your Worcester Bosch boiler running smoothly and efficiently again. The fault code should help your engineer to identify and diagnose any problems with your boiler so that they can resolve it as quickly as possible. Some fault codes won’t be serious enough to call an engineer, which means you might be able to fix the issue and clear the fault code yourself. Having said that, most Worcester Bosch fault codes will require the attention of a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. If your boiler is displaying a fault code, our guide to Worcester Bosch Boiler Errors and Fault Codes should help you find out what the code means.

The warranty ensures that you won’t pay for any material or manufacturing faults for the duration of the warranty period. However, all Worcester Bosch boiler warranties come with strict terms and conditions which must be respected to keep the warranty valid. Our Worcester Bosch Boiler Warranty guide explains everything you need to know about your boiler warranty. You can choose from a wide range of Worcester Bosch boiler controls, such as mechanical timers, digital programmers and innovative smart thermostats that can be controlled using an app on your smartphone. These optional controls are designed to not only make it easier for you to control your heating and hot water system but also to help you save more energy, which means you’ll also save more money on your bills. If you would like to know more about the different options available, you can read our helpful guide to Worcester Bosch Boiler Controls. Reviews are where the real story lies, and the good news is that Worcester Bosch gets fantastic reviews from their many, many customers. Here you’ll find the latest Worcester Bosch combi boilers reviews, among others. With 5 stars and reviews from over 8,000 happy customers, it is easy to see why Worcester Bosch is the leading boiler manufacturer in the UK today. Customers mention that while Worcester Bosch boilers are not the cheapest boilers on the market, the quality and the warranty certainly make them a good investment. They also talk about dependable performance, quiet operation and quick supply of hot water and heating. If you are looking for Worcester Bosch gas boilers reviews you can trust, Trustpilot is a great place to start. Get a quote from a national installer and a local boiler installer. Compare them on the price of the boiler and the cost of installation.Make sure they fit around your timings and convenience. Lastly, review their safety record. Today all boiler installations are done by Gas Safe Registered engineers.

This ensures it’s done safely and legally. I am living in a extended house with 5 rooms and living room. We have 9 radiators and a large family of 7 (most of the time). What kind of boiler is recommended. A combi boiler or one with an extended water tank? Couldn’t give me s service date till February as not an emergency. After much haranguing someone called me back with late Nomber. Oh! and it was 7am till 6 or 7 pm so whole day committed for a 1-hour service. Was going to buy a new boiler off them but wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. What happens in a bad winter. Be warned! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Find out how Find out more. Boiler Buying Guide 2020 Boiler Efficiency Ratings Which is the Best Combi Boiler in 2020. What is the SEDBUK Rating. What is a Condensing Boiler. What is a Regular Boiler. What is a System Boiler. What are Biomass Fuels. We recommend that you upgrade to a new, more efficient boiler to help reduce fuel bills and carbon dioxide emissions. Get a repair quote Upgrade to a New, More Efficient Boiler Get boiler quotes today Visit Boiler Guide to get free no-obligation quotes from trustworthy heating engineers in your area. Enter postcode Get Quotes Similar Boilers to the Worcester 28 SI II RSF (Non-Condensing Gas Combi) Results ordered by efficiency. Some models may be obsolete. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Money Money Loading. Campaigns Campaigns Loading. Services Services Loading. More from Which? More from Which? Loading. Navigate around Which. Search Which ? My account My account My account Hello View account Log out My account Log in Join Search Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Sign up now or login British manufacturer Worcester Bosch has been making domestic gas boilers since 1962. It employs more than 2,000 people in Worcester and Derbyshire and is part of the multinational Bosch Group. Worcester Bosch offers four types of combi boilers that supply heat and instant hot water. The Greenstar Junior series is the basic-level range for apartments and one-bathroom properties. The Greenstar Si series is for slightly larger properties and offers a higher hot water flow rate. The top of the range Greenstar CDi range can cope with properties with two bathrooms and provide flow rates of up to 17.2 litres per minute. The Greenstar Highflow CDi series comprises of floor-standing combis for large properties. For homes with a traditional heat-only boiler (those that use a cold water tank and hot water cylinder for the hot water supply), Worcester Bosch offers the Greenstar Ri series that can be installed in a cabinet, the higher powered CDi boilers for larger properties and the FS CDi regular for properties where a wall-mounting is not feasible. The compact Greenstar 12i to 24i series and larger 30CDi system boiler provide a wide range of outputs for homes that use a hot water cylinder but no cold water tank. You can find more details about the individual products in these ranges in our Worcester Bosch boiler reviews. More than 8,000 members of the general public take part in our annual boiler brand reliability and customer satisfaction survey, enabling us guide you to the best and worst boiler brands. We also conduct a survey with more than 170 trusted boiler engineers to get their independent views on which boiler brands are the best. Engineer recommendation, build quality, availability of parts and spares, and ease of fixing a common fault and ease of servicing are based on responses to a June 2019 survey of 171 Which. Trusted Traders heating engineers. Worcester Bosch gas boilers cost between ?570 and ?1,500, depending on their type and size.

Choosing the best Worcester Bosch boiler Worcester Bosch boilers are not sold directly by Worcester Bosch. Instead, they tend to be supplied through Worcester Accredited Installers. Many accredited installers specialise in Worcester products and most can offer extended guarantees. It's also possible for any installer in the country to install a Worcester Bosch boiler, even if they're not accredited, however you might not get as long a guarantee if this is the case. If you have any problems with your new appliance during the manufacturer’s guarantee period, you should contact your installer first to ensure it is an appliance fault. Worcester boilers are guaranteed against faulty materials or workmanship for five years from the date of installation. During this period, Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd (the Worcester parent company) will repair any components that are faulty or defective for free. The guarantee must be registered within 30 days of installation. Otherwise it offers a two-year parts and labour warranty. Worcester servicing and repairs Worcester claims to have 300 service engineers across the UK and Ireland. Worcester offers its own Service Plan for boilers that are out of guarantee. This covers up to ?1,500 of approved boiler repairs every year, carried out by Worcester boiler engineers. It also includes a yearly service to ensure your boiler is running efficiently and safely. Find out how Worcester's service plan customers rate the service they receive in our full. To help you, our team have done the research, crunched the numbers, and figured out the very best way to get the perfect Worcester Bosch boiler at a cost within your budget that will save you money for years to come on your energy bills.

We asked a number of installers up and down the UK to provide us with their average prices and this is what they told us: That’s because there’ll be additional piping required for the fit as well as additional labour costs because the installation will take longer to complete. Different types of boilers are designed and manufactured to go into different types of homes. In the vast majority of cases, your installer will recommend that you replace an old combi with a new combi. He or she may recommend that you select a conventional boiler instead as they’re better at supplying water at the pressures need to cope with heavier-than-normal usages. This is important because the amount of water it can process determines how much water it can send out to your taps or your shower head when you’re using either or both. However, conventional boilers are much better than combi boilers however at coping with spikes in demand for running water. The more water that your boiler can process, the more powerful your boiler needs to be to be able to heat up the water to the desired temperature before it gets to your taps or to your bath. Installing a boiler with the highest levels of energy efficiency makes a big difference to the amount you’ll pay to power your boiler each year. That means that their system would pay for itself in around 10 years. With a combi boiler, you don’t need to find space for a large storage tank or hot water cylinder as the water is actually heated directly by the boiler when you switch on your tap. Combi boiler installations are often cheaper as well than conventional boilers because they require your installer to carry out less piping work. Conventional boilers use a cold water storage tank which is normally housed in your loft and this cold water storage tank is connected to and feeds water to the hot water cylinder which you normally find in an airing cupboard.

Instead, a system boiler only needs a hot water cylinder which contains all the heating and hot water parts in its construction. Installation time required for a system boiler is usually less than with a conventional boiler. Their boilers regularly win the Which. Best Buy Awards and the company supplies its boilers to Sandringham Estate. Installers appreciate the reputation of the company too, scoring the company five out of five for both availability of parts and on engineer recommendations. They currently, at time of writing, enjoy a 9.2 out of 10 rating on TrustPilot based on over 7,000 customer reviews. If you choose to have your boiler installed by a Worcester Bosch accredited engineer, you receive additional free cover taking the length of your guarantee up to between seven and ten years. There are three general support lines available to you (one for general enquiries, one for technical support, and one for renewables support). You can also book an engineer appointment if your boiler is not in its guarantee anymore as well as subscribe to one of their product service plans to provide additional after-warranty peace of mind. The Gas Safe Register (previously known as the Corgi scheme) is a central database of trained installers who have the necessary experience and qualifications to handle installations, repairs, and maintenance of gas-powered equipment. If you currently do not have this accreditation with them, it is against the law to install a new boiler or replace an old boiler. We’ll put you in touch with 3-4 local Gas Safe Registered installers who will provide you with all the advice you need together with a free quote. And it’s an installer that will visit you, not a commission-only salesman. Cabling might have poor contact breaks and pinching or the plug and wiring of the burner control unit needs checking, also check the operating characteristics of the boiler by replacing the burner control unit.